In massage therapy, there is an art in the science of holistic therapeutic healing through touch. Experience the difference at Raquelia and The Golden Touch.

About Raquelia

Raquelia Leone LMP (LMT) is an award winning Massage Therapist. She has extensive training and is certified in numerous massage services offered, and has been in the Massage Industry for over 20 years.

In massage therapy, there is an art in the science of holistic therapeutic healing through touch. Experience the difference at The Golden Touch by Raquelia. You will only be provided with the highest caliber of massage and bodywork that will be conducive to your individual body’s make up and medical situation.

I am also a Licensed Skin Care Specialist and a Nail Technician in adddition to having my Florida State License for Massage Therapy. I have owned and operated several Day Spa's from 1998 to 2006 in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida. Some of my other talents are in the field of Fine Art and Web Design and New Media which includes Graphic Design, with an Associates Degree from The Academy Of Art University in San Fran. If you are in the market for a Web Site and do not know where to start then feel free to contact me. I have several other websites that are currently under re-design but they are still up and working and you can look through these other sites to get a feel for what type of work I do. If there is something that you don't see and would like to have it incorporated in your site you can be assured that I know how to do it.

The Studio Artiste | Fine Art Work by Raquelia

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My Graphic Design work by Raquelia

Are you in need of a result oriented massage for muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and connective tissues that are tight, sore or injured? Have you injured yourself in sports, or are you very active? Do you need stress or pain management? Have you had recent injuries from an auto accident or job related accident? Have you had recent injuries such as strains, sprains, tears or decreased range of motion and need rehabilitation work? Are you post orthopedic, plastic surgery or other medical surgeries?

Do you just need to relax, zone out and de-stress not only in your body but also your mind? We provide all of these massage services which are impeccably detailed to maximize the effectiveness for your results through the science of touch. What this means to you is that you are going to not only feel better very quickly, but you will also feel improved, refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated like never before.

Utilizing our in-depth knowledge, posture analysis, muscle testing, skills and talent, our focus is to facilitate the healing of acute, sub-acute, chronic pain and other symptoms of soreness, stiffness and also tight muscles within the soft tissue through various styles of therapeutic massage, clinical massage therapy, and Eastern bodywork. The goal is not to just get you in and out but to build a long-term professional therapeutic relationship with you that will benefit your needs and bring value to you as a client. We strive to bring the healing and relaxation benefits of regular massage therapy and bodywork to you in a way that your body can best utilize. The ultimate agenda we have is for you to achieve healthy muscle tissue, pain-free body balance and mind-body wellness.