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Massage stones for relaxing

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• Our rates are $75 an hour for new clients.
• And $60 for regular clients.
• 60 minutes or longer.
• $60.00 and up depending on type of massage requested and duration.


I am conviently located in Port St Lucie close to I-95. I am also close to the surrounding areas of Stuart, Palm City, Ft. Pierce, Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast.


Monday through Saturday from Noon - 7pm, with last appointment being taken at 5, 5:30, 6pm, 6:30.

If you would like a time that is later than 7pm or earlier than noon or for a Sunday not to exceed 9pm then please make your appointment well in advance.

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Massage stones for relaxing


Please cancel or reschedule by calling or texting me within 1 hour of your scheduled appointment. I understand sometimes that emergencies, work and last minute changes do occur, but it is much appreciated if you could be considerate of my time and schedule and also any others who might have wanted your time thereby reducing scheduling issues and a potential loss of income for me as a small business. Remember consideration and respect goes a long way. If you don't cancel then don't call back and try to make another appointment, and offering to compensate me for lost time is a nice gesture.


There are NO refunds for any services that you receive from Raquelia.


I only speak ENGLISH and a little Italian. If you do NOT speak English then PLEASE do not rely on Google Translator to try and make an appointment!
The last time I checked, we live in the United States not in Spain or Mexico.
If you have lived here more than 2 years you should know our language. If as Americans we go to your country we would be required to speak Spanish, so please do me and yourself a big favor and LEARN English and if you cannot answer a few simple questions then don't make an appointment.


I do accept and appreciate your tips. This is your way of showing your appreciation for a job well done. A tip is customarily given if you liked my service and feel that I gave you a great massage.

And JFYI "Tipping" is NOT a city in China or Japan.


I would rather you be late then on time for your appointment. (Yes you read that right) I get very annoyed when you come over 20 minutes early and sit in my driveway!